International Trans

Justime International Trans (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

International Trade

Justime International Trade (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.

International Tsusho

Justime International Tsusho (Japan) Co., Ltd.

For over 30 years, JUSTIME Group has adhered to the business philosophy of "Heaven, Earth, People."

Making the world a better place, redefining distances, with each solid step, reaching every corner of the world, cultivating along the way, constantly exploring.

From the starting point to the endpoint, from the present to the future.

About Us

JUSTIME Group owns three subsidiaries: Justime Logistics, Justime Trade, and Justime Tsusho, covering the fields of trade and logistics, developing business with a dual-wheel drive approach.

Justime Logistics provides comprehensive logistics services, including freight transportation, warehouse management, and supply chain solutions;

Justime Trade focuses on international trade in industries such as chemicals, biology, and building materials;

JustimeTsusho is dedicated to expanding the company's international business scope ...

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